If you are looking to become a trainer or simply looking to enhance your existing knowledge, then you would want to go to people who HAVE PRODUCED 100’S OF WORLD CLASS RESULTS!

We don’t just say this ourselves – Our RESULTS SPEAK FOR US & thousands of people who have learnt from us over the years.

Below is just a synopsis of what we regularly are blessed to hear and receive from many of our students.

  • To Harry the legend, I know i rang u to express my gratitude and thank you for your education and coaching the past 12 months, but il tell u again... Your guidence, experience, knowledge, coaching,professionalism and all round cool attitude has enabled me to take my Team coaching to the next level.. The past 6 weeks iv achieved 24wins,2 pro cards, 2 overalls and 18 seconds and my success has a lot to do with your education and knowledge you have given and taught me. . Im forever greatfull and its important to me that you are aware off the positve changes you have made for my team. 4ever greatfull,

    Leon Stensholm (BodybyLeon)

    World Class Physique Transformation Expert – Contest Prep Coach & a Very Successful Gym Owner. Queensland. Australia.

  • Having been in the field of bodybuilding for almost two decades,it was a humbling experience and one had to put his ego aside to benefit, and that’s what I did. Harry is a no-nonsense guy who believes in advocating certain concepts only if they deliver results.
    I was so impressed that I started speaking about his concepts in my workshops and recommending them to my clients. Harry’s academy is definitely going to help millions all over the country by making trainers the best they can ever be.


    Trainer - Speaker –Fitness Journalist of over 20 Years in the Industry.

  • Harry is by far the best coach I have ever personally had. His knowledge about the human body functionality and his precise knowledge in Nutritional science did more than impress me, it literally blew me away, which is hard to do. . I have even had some of my competition clients her in Las Vegas use him for their comps. I more than recommend harry and I want to personally thank you man for just being the absolute best coach around.

    Justin Blum – Raw Fitness. Las Vegas.

    Owner of 4 Gyms – Body Building Contest Prep Coach/Physique Transformation Expert. Multiple Title Winner & NPC Physique Competitor – 15 Years in the Fitness Industry.

  • It's so rare to come across a Coach or Trainer who posses immense knowledge on Training and as well as Nutrition. Harry is one of those rare gems who comes with these qualities. A perfect Coach and A perfect Mentor.

    Kumar Mannava

    ACE certified Trainer. Precision Nutrition certified Nutritionist. Physique Elite Master Trainer. Trainer to the Celebrties.

  • It has always been a privilege to attend coach Harry's physique transformation course . Harry according to me is an Wikipedia when it comes to fitness , there is no question of urs tat would take him more than 5 secs to get back to you wit a solution when it comes to fitness queries . So it has always been an icing on cake attending the courses run by Harry, my knowledge has been taken to sky high and I can also now confidently attend to almost all my customers with different body transformation goals and deliver 100% results in return . Harry is the best in knowledge across the globe and is one of the best and finest physique transformation coach.

    Vikas Puthran

    Physique Transformation Expert & Contest Prep Coach

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank COACH Harry Sandhu, founder/CEO (Team Boss Bodybuilding) for bestowing immense support, consistent encouragement and critique to elevate my expertise as a Personal Trainer. All of those being traits of a pro trainer, came as bonus to the single most important factor. Unfiltered knowledge, myth busting science backed by evidence corresponding to training methodologies, dietary and supplementation protocols. There will always be a great fraction of population struggling with decades of hard yet unintelligent work hibernating on a plateau. Or that set of people/athletes/ who need that one ground breaking implementation to see better or best results. My answer to be on top of that precision wallet of techniques came from Harry Sandhu. Being associated with him has made me more efficient in a span of less than 2 years qualifying against the quantitative under a decade run of mine in the fitness Industry.
    Not all of us like to crawl. But not all of us are acknowledged for our calibre and efficiency. When you are acknowledged that is your new beginning as a professional. For that, I am always greatgul to Team Boss Bodybuilding.

    Aylin Hafeeza Hannan

    Personal Trainer & Rehab Specialist.