Team Boss Fitness Academy will be bringing truly world class Fitness Education to the Indian Fitness Education Sector.

Team Boss Fitness Academy aims to be the leading Fitness Academy in India which endeavors to produce truly world class Personal Trainers, Coaches and other Fitness Professionals.

The Academy is the brain child of World Class and one of India’s leading Physique Transformation and Body Building Coaches, Harry Sandhu.

Requests to Coach Harry for starting up an Academy to deliver truly world class Fitness Education in India had been consistently getting more and more vocal ever since he ran his first 1 Day course on Advanced Physique Transformation Certification in India in March 2015.

So , after overwhelming response and attendance of thousands of trainers to his courses across all the major cities in India, Coach Harry finally decided to put his 20 years plus of knowledge in a full fledged world class Fitness Course, which aims to provide the most latest scientific knowledge in an easy to apply fashion.

To do justice to his vision, and high expectations of his many students, and followers, Coach Harry put together an Australian team of World Class Fitness Professionals. Each one of them bringing high level academic as well as industry experience to bring a cutting edge and market leading Fitness Course to the Indian market for anyone looking to get qualified to become a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor or for any already qualified trainer looking to revise, up skill and further enhance his knowledge.


Our vision at Team Boss Fitness Academy is very simple, yet extremely daunting for most perhaps. We aim to be the absolute market leaders in the Indian Fitness Education Industry, when it comes to delivering the most cutting edge, up to date scientific knowledge and produce the best qualified and trained trainers and fitness professionals to enter the market.


Our mission at Team Boss, in all things we do is – TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN IT’S FIELD AND CONTINUE TO STRIVE TO BE THE INNOVATORS & MARKET LEADERS. We also will always try our hardest to do everything with utmost:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Morality

The values, we will always endeavor to uphold under all circumstances.