Coach Harry is widely regarded as the most experienced and qualified Fitness Education Professional in India.

Bringing over 25 Years of 1st hand Industry experience, combined with 20 Years of 1 on 1 Floor Personal Training in India & Australia. Add to that, 10 + years of extremely successful Online Coaching experience + his world class education & his experience of having had some of the leading coaches from across the globe his clients and students, is a testimony to Coach Harry’s brilliance and unparalleled expertise in his field.


  • 25 + years of experience in the Health & Fitness and is regarded widely as one of the most dynamic personalities of the industry.
  • Founder – Director of Team Boss, India’s No. 1 Contest Prep Coaching Team.
  • Founder – Director, Team Boss Fitness Academy; one of the leading Fitness Education Providers.
  • Published author in world leading monthly of Alan Aragon Research Review.
  • Harry is also widely regarded as one of the leading Fitness Educationists in India.
  • Owner – Director of Boss Classic, one of India’s Premiere bodybuilding shows.
  • Prolific Public Speaker. His magnetic talks coupled with enigmatic style and fuelled with seemingly unending energy, make him a very engaging speaker.
  • One of the Leading Speakers in the field of Health & Fitness. Harry has delivered Seminars/Workshops in countries like, Australia, U.S.A, and India consistently.
  • Produced Number of Mr. World, Mr. Asia, Mr. India, IFBB Pros and multiple other champions.
  • Consultant to many other coaches.


  • Born & brought up in Punjab/Chandigarh, Harry is proficient in Punjabi, Hindi and has an exceptional command over the English language.
  • After living in Australia for close to 20 Years, Harry decided to move back to India with his wife & young son, in 2018, and is now permanently settled in India.


  • Fitness Educationist
  • Health & Fitness Expert
  • Motivational/Peak Performance Speaker
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Business Coach
  • Bodybuilding Contest Prep Coach.