Team Boss Fitness Academy is India’s No.1 & one of the leading Fitness Education Provider.

The Academy is the brainchild of World Class Physique Transformation Expert and India’s No.1 Fitness Educationist & Body Building Coach, Harry Sandhu.

The most obvious question that everyone wants an answer to is, “What makes Team Boss Fitness Academy, the leading Fitness Education Provider in India & One of the Best in the World, with World’s best Physique Transformation CPT Course?”

The answer to this seemingly difficult question can easily be found in the below 4 KEY POINTS:

1. The content of Team Boss courses (especially, of its Advanced Physique Transformation CPT Course & Contest Prep Certification) is truly unique, most of it often not found on google and even in any books.

2. All Team Boss Courses are designed in a very unique manner, making them incredibly suitable for people of all levels from absolute beginners to multiple certification holders. Statistically, 63% of all our students, often hold 1 or more Fitness Certifications from other Global Fitness Education Providers. The primary reason for almost all of these 63% students is, to upgrade their existing knowledge base.

3. The big one – The PRICE. All our courses are often less than half price of most other Fitness Education Providers. Coach Harry is of the firm view, and here in his own words, “QUALITY education should be accessible to most, at REASONABLE & AFFORDABLE COST, TO MOST & NOT ONLY BE A DOMAIN OF THE RICH!”

4. EFFICIENCY – This is a big one. The way Coach Harry has designed all Team Boss Courses is incredible. With a huge significance on VALUING the TIME of its students, all Team Boss Courses are designed with unbelievable EFFICACY. Largest emphasis being on, content designed in a unique way, where you often learn 10 times more in the same amount of time. This is a KEY factor in allowing Coach Harry to teach more in 6 Weeks via it’s Advanced Physique Transformation Course, than most courses could ever teach you, in even 2 years! You might think, this is a stretch, but the proof lies in the testimonials and first hand experience of thousands of Team Boss Graduates firmly concurring with this bold claim.

5. Last, but certainly not the least, Coach Harry himself. Coach Harry is synonymous with infectious energy and making the most complex topics, incredibly easy to understand for all

Why Choose Us?

Half of our students are absolute beginners, and the other half are often graduates of institutes like ACE, ACSM, NASM, ISSN, K11 etc.

So, if you are looking to become a world class trainer or simply looking to take your existing knowledge to the next level, then you would be hard pressed to find a better Fitness Academy than Team Boss, which has successfully produced, 1000’s of world class trainers, globally.

And that’s exactly what separates Team Boss Fitness Academy from every other Fitness Education Provider in India.

So, the question, you really got to ask yourself is, if you are not starting your Fitness Career with us or upgrading your knowledge base with us, then are you really giving yourself the best chance, to be the absolute best?